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Colorbond vs Timber Fencing: Which is Best?

12th Mar 2019 in Tips

Colorbond Fencing has a much greater life span if installed correctly and is stamped with the BlueScope and Colorbond seal it is purposely designed for Australian conditions being both durable in the wind and the sun as opposed to treated pine paling fencing which has been known to move and blow over in the wind and crack and warp under the harsh Australian sun and has an expected life span of only 10 years.

Warning: Always check that your fence is stamped BlueScope Steel (if specified). Imported products can fade and are thinner gauge steel which can lead to rattling and unwanted noise and movement over the life of the fence.

(This photo is real Colorbond steel/fence)

(This photo is an import and fake, both were same colour at purchase)

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